How to Buy Window Well Covers

Lots of people wonder how to buy window well covers because it’s not a familiar process to most. Our goal is to make it as simple and worry-free as possible for you. A lot of thought and careful planning goes into our window well covers.

Order Process

Our order process starts when a customer calls, texts, or orders through our secure website. We start with a $50 deposit to prioritize those customers who are ready to buy window well covers versus those who are still gathering research. Once we have taken a deposit our office staff creates a job order and schedules the first home visit where we assess the wells and create a custom cardboard template of each well. The first visit generally takes place within a week. In peak periods it may be slightly longer. To make ordering easier and to allow our customers to order in the middle of the night or on weekends we have instituted the online ordering system, new this year. Now you can start the order process during non-business hours, whenever it is easiest for you.
After the deposit you will get an email confirmation of the day we will be out to create the template. Your deposit is refundable until 24 hours prior to that template day. Typically customers do not need to be home for the template provided our technicians have access to all wells we are covering.

sparks fly as a cover is cut
Each cover is handcrafted to fit your window wells.

Following the template, we start the process of turning our cardboard cutout into a custom cover perfectly fit your window wells. This process includes our custom two-stage dipping process. When you buy window well covers from us we use a high-strength polyurethane enamel to coat our steel covers. Our competitors use a spray-on powder coating process. We’ve tried that too, but have found much better results with our immersion process. When you powder coat steel mesh you simply cannot coat weld joints and connected angles thoroughly enough to provide adequate coverage. This leaves lots of bare steel that will rust and compromise structural integrity. Our two-stage dipping process, developed over a period of 10 years, is without question the best coating process in the industry. If you chose our clear cover, know that we are using aircraft-grade aluminum and a UV-resistant custom sheet of clear polly. Because we do not skimp on materials our cleat covers can withstand as much weight as our steel covers, over 400 pounds.
After we build your covers we load them up and deliver them to your house. You will receive an email notification prior to the installation letting you plan accordingly. You do not need to be home for the installation as long as we have a method of payment on file in the office. Our process is streamlined and simple so you don’t have to be there unless you want to. Once installed, we take final payment and remind you that you have a lifetime structural guarantee. Usually, our customers are so happy with their covers that they refer us to friends and family who also need to buy window well covers for their homes to cover the giant holes in their yards as well. Win-win!
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